Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Celullite or Celullitis ?

Synergistic muscle stimulation exercise is known for working miracles against cellulite chunks, and dimples. There are 9 basic easy to do exercises that go to work immediately smoothing out your skin's surface. Make no mistake, these moves are not for weight loss! This workout was created to attack cellulite, and firm your skin in the least amount of time possible, not to lose weight..

What does get rid of that orange peel look? Well, since cellulite is a muscle problem it can be repaired by using simple and unique body movements which target the cellulite areas. This is known as synergistic muscle layer stimulation, (SY-Mu-La-St) for short.

The truth is we all need fat in our diets in order to be healthy, too much of course is not good for anyone but it isn't the sole cause of cellulite. Once I learned the true culprit behind my cellulite problem it was much easier to understand, and remove.

This orange peel substance is not just a fat problem, or a skin issue.. it's actually a muscle-tissue problem caused by a condition known as muscular atrophy. This simply means that the tissue/muscle layer that is located directly below the skins surface has become weak, and saggy due to the lack of stimulation that has been provided to this particular area.

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